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test_core.TestCore Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def assertMessage (self, sub, topic, msg, timeout=1)
def assertNoMessage (self, sub, topic, timeout=1)
def test_concurrency_container (self)
def test_cross_combinations (self)
def test_event_state (self)
def test_lockable_state (self)
def test_manually_transitionable_state (self)
def test_operatable_state (self)
def test_preemptable_state (self)
def test_ros_state (self)
def test_user_data (self)

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _create (self)
def _execute (self, state)

Private Attributes


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Member Function Documentation

def test_core.TestCore._create (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore._execute (   self,

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def test_core.TestCore.assertMessage (   self,
  timeout = 1 

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def test_core.TestCore.assertNoMessage (   self,
  timeout = 1 

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def test_core.TestCore.test_concurrency_container (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore.test_cross_combinations (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore.test_event_state (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore.test_lockable_state (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore.test_manually_transitionable_state (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore.test_operatable_state (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore.test_preemptable_state (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore.test_ros_state (   self)

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def test_core.TestCore.test_user_data (   self)

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