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flexbe_core.behavior_library.BehaviorLibrary Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def count_behaviors (self)
def find_behavior (self, be_name)
def get_behavior (self, be_id)
def get_sourcecode_filepath (self, be_id, add_tmp=False)
def parse_packages (self)

Private Member Functions

def _add_behavior_manifests (self, path, pkg=None)

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Detailed Description

Provides access to all known behaviors.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def flexbe_core.behavior_library.BehaviorLibrary.__init__ (   self)

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Member Function Documentation

def flexbe_core.behavior_library.BehaviorLibrary._add_behavior_manifests (   self,
  pkg = None 
Recursively add all behavior manifests in the given folder to the internal library.
If a package name is specified, only manifests referring to this package are added.

@type path: string
@param path: Path of the folder to be traversed.

@type pkg: string
@param pkg: Optional name of a package to only add manifests referring to this package.

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def flexbe_core.behavior_library.BehaviorLibrary.count_behaviors (   self)
Counts the available behaviors.

@return Number of behaviors.

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def flexbe_core.behavior_library.BehaviorLibrary.find_behavior (   self,
Searches for a behavior with the given name and returns it along with its ID.

@type be_name: string
@param be_name: Behavior ID to look up.

@return Tuple (be_id, be_entry) corresponding to the name or (None, None) if not found.

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def flexbe_core.behavior_library.BehaviorLibrary.get_behavior (   self,
Provides the library entry corresponding to the given ID.

@type be_id: int
@param be_id: Behavior ID to look up.

@return Corresponding library entry or None if not found.

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def flexbe_core.behavior_library.BehaviorLibrary.get_sourcecode_filepath (   self,
  add_tmp = False 
Constructs a file path to the source code of corresponding to the given ID.

@type be_id: int
@param be_id: Behavior ID to look up.

@type add_tmp: bool
@param add_tmp: Append "_tmp" to the file to consider a temporary version.

@return String containing the absolute path to the source code file.

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def flexbe_core.behavior_library.BehaviorLibrary.parse_packages (   self)
Parses all ROS packages to update the internal behavior library.

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