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ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool ComputeIk (const IkReal *eetrans, const IkReal *eerot, const IkReal *pfree, IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &solutions)
bool ComputeIk (const IkReal *eetrans, const IkReal *eerot, const IkReal *pfree, IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &solutions)
void rotationfunction0 (IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &solutions)
void rotationfunction0 (IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &solutions)

Static Public Member Functions

static void polyroots2 (IkReal rawcoeffs[2+1], IkReal rawroots[2], int &numroots)
static void polyroots3 (IkReal rawcoeffs[3+1], IkReal rawroots[3], int &numroots)
static void polyroots4 (IkReal rawcoeffs[4+1], IkReal rawroots[4], int &numroots)

Public Attributes

unsigned char _ij0 [2]
unsigned char _ij1 [2]
unsigned char _ij100 [2]
unsigned char _ij2 [2]
unsigned char _ij3 [2]
unsigned char _ij4 [2]
unsigned char _ij5 [2]
unsigned char _nj0
unsigned char _nj1
unsigned char _nj100
unsigned char _nj2
unsigned char _nj3
unsigned char _nj4
unsigned char _nj5
IkReal cj0
IkReal cj1
IkReal cj100
IkReal cj2
IkReal cj3
IkReal cj4
IkReal cj5
IkReal htj0
IkReal htj1
IkReal htj2
IkReal htj3
IkReal htj4
IkReal htj5
IkReal j0
IkReal j0mul
IkReal j1
IkReal j100
IkReal j1mul
IkReal j2
IkReal j2mul
IkReal j3
IkReal j3mul
IkReal j4
IkReal j4mul
IkReal j5
IkReal j5mul
IkReal new_px
IkReal new_py
IkReal new_pz
IkReal new_r00
IkReal new_r01
IkReal new_r02
IkReal new_r10
IkReal new_r11
IkReal new_r12
IkReal new_r20
IkReal new_r21
IkReal new_r22
IkReal npx
IkReal npy
IkReal npz
IkReal pp
IkReal px
IkReal py
IkReal pz
IkReal r00
IkReal r01
IkReal r02
IkReal r10
IkReal r11
IkReal r12
IkReal r20
IkReal r21
IkReal r22
IkReal rxp0_0
IkReal rxp0_1
IkReal rxp0_2
IkReal rxp1_0
IkReal rxp1_1
IkReal rxp1_2
IkReal rxp2_0
IkReal rxp2_1
IkReal rxp2_2
IkReal sj0
IkReal sj1
IkReal sj100
IkReal sj2
IkReal sj3
IkReal sj4
IkReal sj5

Detailed Description

Definition at line 370 of file fanuc_lrmate200id7l_manipulator_ikfast_moveit_plugin.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::ComputeIk ( const IkReal *  eetrans,
const IkReal *  eerot,
const IkReal *  pfree,
IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &  solutions 
bool ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::ComputeIk ( const IkReal *  eetrans,
const IkReal *  eerot,
const IkReal *  pfree,
IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &  solutions 
static void ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::polyroots2 ( IkReal  rawcoeffs[2+1],
IkReal  rawroots[2],
int &  numroots 
static void ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::polyroots3 ( IkReal  rawcoeffs[3+1],
IkReal  rawroots[3],
int &  numroots 
static void ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::polyroots4 ( IkReal  rawcoeffs[4+1],
IkReal  rawroots[4],
int &  numroots 
void ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::rotationfunction0 ( IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &  solutions)
void ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::rotationfunction0 ( IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &  solutions)

Member Data Documentation

unsigned char IKSolver::_ij0
unsigned char IKSolver::_ij1
unsigned char ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::_ij100[2]
unsigned char IKSolver::_ij2
unsigned char IKSolver::_ij3
unsigned char IKSolver::_ij4
unsigned char IKSolver::_ij5
unsigned char IKSolver::_nj0
unsigned char IKSolver::_nj1
unsigned char ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::_nj100
unsigned char IKSolver::_nj2
unsigned char IKSolver::_nj3
unsigned char IKSolver::_nj4
unsigned char IKSolver::_nj5
IkReal IKSolver::cj0
IkReal IKSolver::cj1
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::cj100
IkReal IKSolver::cj2
IkReal IKSolver::cj3
IkReal IKSolver::cj4
IkReal IKSolver::cj5
IkReal IKSolver::htj0
IkReal IKSolver::htj1
IkReal IKSolver::htj2
IkReal IKSolver::htj3
IkReal IKSolver::htj4
IkReal IKSolver::htj5
IkReal IKSolver::j0
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::j0mul
IkReal IKSolver::j1
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::j100
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::j1mul
IkReal IKSolver::j2
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::j2mul
IkReal IKSolver::j3
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::j3mul
IkReal IKSolver::j4
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::j4mul
IkReal IKSolver::j5
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::j5mul
IkReal IKSolver::new_px
IkReal IKSolver::new_py
IkReal IKSolver::new_pz
IkReal IKSolver::new_r00
IkReal IKSolver::new_r01
IkReal IKSolver::new_r02
IkReal IKSolver::new_r10
IkReal IKSolver::new_r11
IkReal IKSolver::new_r12
IkReal IKSolver::new_r20
IkReal IKSolver::new_r21
IkReal IKSolver::new_r22
IkReal IKSolver::npx
IkReal IKSolver::npy
IkReal IKSolver::npz
IkReal IKSolver::pp
IkReal IKSolver::px
IkReal IKSolver::py
IkReal IKSolver::pz
IkReal IKSolver::r00
IkReal IKSolver::r01
IkReal IKSolver::r02
IkReal IKSolver::r10
IkReal IKSolver::r11
IkReal IKSolver::r12
IkReal IKSolver::r20
IkReal IKSolver::r21
IkReal IKSolver::r22
IkReal IKSolver::rxp0_0
IkReal IKSolver::rxp0_1
IkReal IKSolver::rxp0_2
IkReal IKSolver::rxp1_0
IkReal IKSolver::rxp1_1
IkReal IKSolver::rxp1_2
IkReal IKSolver::rxp2_0
IkReal IKSolver::rxp2_1
IkReal IKSolver::rxp2_2
IkReal IKSolver::sj0
IkReal IKSolver::sj1
IkReal ikfast_kinematics_plugin::IKSolver::sj100
IkReal IKSolver::sj2
IkReal IKSolver::sj3
IkReal IKSolver::sj4
IkReal IKSolver::sj5

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