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pybind11::detail::type_caster< Hessian > Struct Template Reference

Public Member Functions

bool load (handle src, bool)
 PYBIND11_TYPE_CASTER (Hessian, _("Hessian"))

Static Public Member Functions

static handle cast (Hessian src, return_value_policy, handle)

Detailed Description

struct pybind11::detail::type_caster< Hessian >

Definition at line 634 of file pyexotica.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

static handle pybind11::detail::type_caster< Hessian >::cast ( Hessian  src,
return_value_policy  ,

Conversion part 2 (C++ -> Python): convert an inty instance into a Python object. The second and third arguments are used to indicate the return value policy and parent object (for return_value_policy::reference_internal) and are generally ignored by implicit casters.

Definition at line 662 of file pyexotica.cpp.

bool pybind11::detail::type_caster< Hessian >::load ( handle  src,

Conversion part 1 (Python->C++): convert a PyObject into a inty instance or return false upon failure. The second argument indicates whether implicit conversions should be applied.

Definition at line 649 of file pyexotica.cpp.

pybind11::detail::type_caster< Hessian >::PYBIND11_TYPE_CASTER ( Hessian  ,

This macro establishes the name 'inty' in function signatures and declares a local variable 'value' of type inty

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