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snowboy.snowboydecoder.HotwordDetector Class Reference
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def __init__ (self, decoder_model, resource=RESOURCE_FILE, sensitivity=[], audio_gain=1)
def start (self, detected_callback=play_audio_file, interrupt_check=lambda:False, sleep_time=0.03)
def terminate (self)

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Detailed Description

Snowboy decoder to detect whether a keyword specified by `decoder_model`
exists in a microphone input stream.

:param decoder_model: decoder model file path, a string or a list of strings
:param resource: resource file path.
:param sensitivity: decoder sensitivity, a float of a list of floats.
                          The bigger the value, the more senstive the
                          decoder. If an empty list is provided, then the
                          default sensitivity in the model will be used.
:param audio_gain: multiply input volume by this factor.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def snowboy.snowboydecoder.HotwordDetector.__init__ (   self,
  resource = RESOURCE_FILE,
  sensitivity = [],
  audio_gain = 1 

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Member Function Documentation

def snowboy.snowboydecoder.HotwordDetector.start (   self,
  detected_callback = play_audio_file,
  interrupt_check = lambda: False,
  sleep_time = 0.03 
Start the voice detector. For every `sleep_time` second it checks the
audio buffer for triggering keywords. If detected, then call
corresponding function in `detected_callback`, which can be a single
function (single model) or a list of callback functions (multiple
models). Every loop it also calls `interrupt_check` -- if it returns
True, then breaks from the loop and return.

:param detected_callback: a function or list of functions. The number of
                  items must match the number of models in
:param interrupt_check: a function that returns True if the main loop
                needs to stop.
:param float sleep_time: how much time in second every loop waits.
:return: None

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def snowboy.snowboydecoder.HotwordDetector.terminate (   self)
Terminate audio stream. Users cannot call start() again to detect.
:return: None

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