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google_client.GspeechClient Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __del__ (self)
def __init__ (self)
def generator (self)
def get_data (self, in_data, frame_count, time_info, status)
def gspeech_client (self)
def start_client (self)

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Private Member Functions

def _listen_print_loop (self, responses)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def google_client.GspeechClient.__init__ (   self)

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def google_client.GspeechClient.__del__ (   self)
Shut down as cleanly as possible

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Member Function Documentation

def google_client.GspeechClient._listen_print_loop (   self,
Iterates through server responses and prints them.
The responses passed is a generator that will block until a response
is provided by the server.
Each response may contain multiple results, and each result may contain
multiple alternatives; for details, see  Here we
print only the transcription for the top alternative of the top result.

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def google_client.GspeechClient.generator (   self)
Generator function that continuously yields audio chunks from the buffer.
Used to stream data to the Google Speech API Asynchronously.

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def google_client.GspeechClient.get_data (   self,
PyAudio callback to continuously get audio data from the server and put it in a buffer.

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def google_client.GspeechClient.gspeech_client (   self)
Creates the Google Speech API client, configures it, and sends/gets
audio/text data for parsing.

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def google_client.GspeechClient.start_client (   self)
Entry function to start the client

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