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diagnostic_updater._diagnostic_updater.DiagnosticTaskVector Class Reference
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class  DiagnosticTaskInternal

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def add (self, args)
def addedTaskCallback (self, task)
def removeByName (self, name)

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Detailed Description

Internal use only.

Base class for diagnostic_updater::Updater and self_test::Dispatcher.
The class manages a collection of diagnostic updaters. It contains the
common functionality used for producing diagnostic updates and for

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def diagnostic_updater._diagnostic_updater.DiagnosticTaskVector.__init__ (   self)

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Member Function Documentation

def diagnostic_updater._diagnostic_updater.DiagnosticTaskVector.add (   self,
Add a task to the DiagnosticTaskVector.

add(task): where task is a DiagnosticTask
add(name, fn): add a DiagnosticTask embodied by a name and function

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def diagnostic_updater._diagnostic_updater.DiagnosticTaskVector.addedTaskCallback (   self,
Allows an action to be taken when a task is added. The Updater class
uses this to immediately publish a diagnostic that says that the node
is loading.

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def diagnostic_updater._diagnostic_updater.DiagnosticTaskVector.removeByName (   self,
Removes a task based on its name.

Removes the first task that matches the specified name. (New in
version 1.1.2)

@param name Name of the task to remove.
@return Returns true if a task matched and was removed.

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