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CrazyflieUSB Class Reference

#include <CrazyflieUSB.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CrazyflieUSB (uint32_t devid)
virtual void sendPacket (const uint8_t *data, uint32_t length, ITransport::Ack &result)
virtual void sendPacketNoAck (const uint8_t *data, uint32_t length)
std::string serial ()
float version () const
 ~CrazyflieUSB ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ITransport
struct ITransport::Ack __attribute__ ((packed))
void enableLogging (bool enable)
 ITransport ()
virtual ~ITransport ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from USBDevice
 USBDevice (uint16_t idVendor, uint16_t idProduct)
virtual ~USBDevice ()

Static Public Member Functions

static uint32_t numDevices ()

Private Member Functions

void setCrtpToUsb (bool crtpToUsb)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ITransport
void logAck (const Ack &ack)
void logPacket (const uint8_t *data, uint32_t length)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from USBDevice
void open (uint32_t devid)
void sendVendorSetup (uint8_t request, uint16_t value, uint16_t index, const unsigned char *data, uint16_t length)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from USBDevice
static uint32_t numDevices (uint16_t idVendor, uint16_t idProduct)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ITransport
bool m_enableLogging
std::ofstream m_file
- Protected Attributes inherited from USBDevice
libusb_context * m_ctx
libusb_device_handle * m_handle
float m_version

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file CrazyflieUSB.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CrazyflieUSB::CrazyflieUSB ( uint32_t  devid)

Definition at line 8 of file CrazyflieUSB.cpp.

CrazyflieUSB::~CrazyflieUSB ( )

Definition at line 16 of file CrazyflieUSB.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t CrazyflieUSB::numDevices ( )

Definition at line 21 of file CrazyflieUSB.cpp.

void CrazyflieUSB::sendPacket ( const uint8_t *  data,
uint32_t  length,
ITransport::Ack result 

Implements ITransport.

Definition at line 36 of file CrazyflieUSB.cpp.

void CrazyflieUSB::sendPacketNoAck ( const uint8_t *  data,
uint32_t  length 

Implements ITransport.

Definition at line 91 of file CrazyflieUSB.cpp.

std::string CrazyflieUSB::serial ( )

Definition at line 26 of file CrazyflieUSB.cpp.

void CrazyflieUSB::setCrtpToUsb ( bool  crtpToUsb)

Definition at line 124 of file CrazyflieUSB.cpp.

float CrazyflieUSB::version ( ) const

Definition at line 31 of file CrazyflieUSB.cpp.

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