BSplineND< PointND > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BSplineND< PointND >, including all inherited members.

BSplineND()BSplineND< PointND >inline
eval(double dPos, PointND &point)BSplineND< PointND >
evalBasis(double t, unsigned int i, int n)BSplineND< PointND >private
getMaxdPos() const BSplineND< PointND >inline
ipoWithConstSampleDist(double dIpoDist, std::vector< PointND > &ipoVec)BSplineND< PointND >
ipoWithNumSamples(int iNumPts, std::vector< PointND > &ipoVec)BSplineND< PointND >
m_CtrlPointVecBSplineND< PointND >private
m_dLengthBSplineND< PointND >private
m_iGradBSplineND< PointND >private
m_KnotVecBSplineND< PointND >private
setCtrlPoints(const std::vector< PointND > &ctrlPointVec)BSplineND< PointND >
~BSplineND()BSplineND< PointND >

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