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bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, filename)
def createTokens (self, s)
def floatToken (self)
def intToken (self)
def onFrame (self, values)
def onHierarchy (self, root)
def onMotion (self, frames, dt)
def read (self)
def readHierarchy (self)
def readLine (self)
def readMotion (self)
def readNode (self)
def token (self)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.createTokens (   self,
Populate the token list from the content of s.

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.floatToken (   self)
Return the next token which must be a float.

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.intToken (   self)
Return the next token which must be an int.

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.onFrame (   self,

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.onHierarchy (   self,

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.onMotion (   self,

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def (   self)
Read the entire file.

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.readHierarchy (   self)
Read the skeleton hierarchy.

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.readLine (   self)
Return the next line.

Empty lines are skipped. If the end of the file has been
reached, a StopIteration exception is thrown.  The return
value is the next line containing data (this will never be an
empty string).

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.readMotion (   self)
Read the motion samples.

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.readNode (   self)
Read the data for a node.

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def bvh_broadcaster.BVHReader.token (   self)
Return the next token.

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Member Data Documentation


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