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base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits Class Reference

#include <local_planner_limits.h>

Public Member Functions

Eigen::Vector3f getAccLimits ()
 Get the acceleration limits of the robot. More...
 LocalPlannerLimits ()
 LocalPlannerLimits (double nmax_trans_vel, double nmin_trans_vel, double nmax_vel_x, double nmin_vel_x, double nmax_vel_y, double nmin_vel_y, double nmax_rot_vel, double nmin_rot_vel, double nacc_lim_x, double nacc_lim_y, double nacc_lim_theta, double nacc_limit_trans, double nxy_goal_tolerance, double nyaw_goal_tolerance, bool nprune_plan=true, double ntrans_stopped_vel=0.1, double nrot_stopped_vel=0.1)
 ~LocalPlannerLimits ()

Public Attributes

double acc_lim_theta
double acc_lim_x
double acc_lim_y
double acc_limit_trans
double max_rot_vel
double max_trans_vel
double max_vel_x
double max_vel_y
double min_rot_vel
double min_trans_vel
double min_vel_x
double min_vel_y
bool prune_plan
bool restore_defaults
double rot_stopped_vel
double trans_stopped_vel
double xy_goal_tolerance
double yaw_goal_tolerance

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file local_planner_limits.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::LocalPlannerLimits ( )

Definition at line 68 of file local_planner_limits.h.

base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::LocalPlannerLimits ( double  nmax_trans_vel,
double  nmin_trans_vel,
double  nmax_vel_x,
double  nmin_vel_x,
double  nmax_vel_y,
double  nmin_vel_y,
double  nmax_rot_vel,
double  nmin_rot_vel,
double  nacc_lim_x,
double  nacc_lim_y,
double  nacc_lim_theta,
double  nacc_limit_trans,
double  nxy_goal_tolerance,
double  nyaw_goal_tolerance,
bool  nprune_plan = true,
double  ntrans_stopped_vel = 0.1,
double  nrot_stopped_vel = 0.1 

Definition at line 70 of file local_planner_limits.h.

base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::~LocalPlannerLimits ( )

Definition at line 110 of file local_planner_limits.h.

Member Function Documentation

Eigen::Vector3f base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::getAccLimits ( )

Get the acceleration limits of the robot.

The acceleration limits of the robot

Definition at line 116 of file local_planner_limits.h.

Member Data Documentation

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::acc_lim_theta

Definition at line 57 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::acc_lim_x

Definition at line 55 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::acc_lim_y

Definition at line 56 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::acc_limit_trans

Definition at line 58 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::max_rot_vel

Definition at line 53 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::max_trans_vel

Definition at line 47 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::max_vel_x

Definition at line 49 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::max_vel_y

Definition at line 51 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::min_rot_vel

Definition at line 54 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::min_trans_vel

Definition at line 48 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::min_vel_x

Definition at line 50 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::min_vel_y

Definition at line 52 of file local_planner_limits.h.

bool base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::prune_plan

Definition at line 61 of file local_planner_limits.h.

bool base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::restore_defaults

Definition at line 66 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::rot_stopped_vel

Definition at line 65 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::trans_stopped_vel

Definition at line 64 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::xy_goal_tolerance

Definition at line 62 of file local_planner_limits.h.

double base_local_planner::LocalPlannerLimits::yaw_goal_tolerance

Definition at line 63 of file local_planner_limits.h.

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