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Aws::Client::ClientConfigurationProvider Class Reference

#include <client_configuration_provider.h>

Public Member Functions

 ClientConfigurationProvider (std::shared_ptr< ParameterReaderInterface > reader)
 Creates a new ClientConfigurationProvider that uses the provided reader for loading configuraiton. More...
ClientConfiguration GetClientConfiguration (const std::string &ros_version_override="")
 ~ClientConfigurationProvider ()=default

Private Member Functions

void PopulateUserAgent (Aws::String &user_agent, const std::string &ros_version_override="")

Private Attributes

std::shared_ptr< ParameterReaderInterfacereader_

Detailed Description

Generic provider that uses a ParameterReader to create the client configuration.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Aws::Client::ClientConfigurationProvider::ClientConfigurationProvider ( std::shared_ptr< ParameterReaderInterface reader)

Creates a new ClientConfigurationProvider that uses the provided reader for loading configuraiton.

readerA ParameterReaderInterface implementation that the provider will use to read the configuration

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Aws::Client::ClientConfigurationProvider::~ClientConfigurationProvider ( )

Member Function Documentation

ClientConfiguration Aws::Client::ClientConfigurationProvider::GetClientConfiguration ( const std::string &  ros_version_override = "")

Creates a client configuration with data read by the given parameter reader.


Give priority to region parameter from the parameter reader if exists, otherwise use the AWS SDK/CLI config file (defaults to ~/.aws/config). The latter is needed because unlike credentials, region does not get loaded automatically from the profile by the SDK (it simply defaults to us-east-1).

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void Aws::Client::ClientConfigurationProvider::PopulateUserAgent ( Aws::String &  user_agent,
const std::string &  ros_version_override = "" 

Populates the user agent parameter with ROS distro & version information.

if the user_agent provided is empty, OS & compiler information would be added as well. Otherwise, only ROS distro & version information would be added.
ros_version_overrideoptional - some ROS distributions export ROS_VERSION_MAJOR, ROS_VERSION_MINOR, ROS_VERSION_PATCH from their common.h. These would be more accurate and specific than relying on CMAKE_ROS_VERSION, but need to be passed in from upstream.

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Member Data Documentation

std::shared_ptr<ParameterReaderInterface> Aws::Client::ClientConfigurationProvider::reader_

Definition at line 49 of file client_configuration_provider.h.

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