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VmbFrame_t Struct Reference

#include <VimbaC.h>

Public Attributes

VmbUint32_t ancillarySize
void * buffer
VmbUint32_t bufferSize
void * context [4]
VmbUint64_t frameID
VmbUint32_t height
VmbUint32_t imageSize
VmbUint32_t offsetX
VmbUint32_t offsetY
VmbPixelFormat_t pixelFormat
VmbFrameFlags_t receiveFlags
VmbFrameStatus_t receiveStatus
VmbUint64_t timestamp
VmbUint32_t width

Detailed Description

Definition at line 271 of file VimbaC.h.

Member Data Documentation

VmbUint32_t VmbFrame_t::ancillarySize

Definition at line 285 of file VimbaC.h.

void* VmbFrame_t::buffer

Definition at line 275 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint32_t VmbFrame_t::bufferSize

Definition at line 276 of file VimbaC.h.

void* VmbFrame_t::context[4]

Definition at line 278 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint64_t VmbFrame_t::frameID

Definition at line 294 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint32_t VmbFrame_t::height

Definition at line 290 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint32_t VmbFrame_t::imageSize

Definition at line 284 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint32_t VmbFrame_t::offsetX

Definition at line 291 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint32_t VmbFrame_t::offsetY

Definition at line 292 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbPixelFormat_t VmbFrame_t::pixelFormat

Definition at line 287 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbFrameFlags_t VmbFrame_t::receiveFlags

Definition at line 282 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbFrameStatus_t VmbFrame_t::receiveStatus

Definition at line 281 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint64_t VmbFrame_t::timestamp

Definition at line 295 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint32_t VmbFrame_t::width

Definition at line 289 of file VimbaC.h.

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