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VmbFeatureInfo Struct Reference

#include <VimbaC.h>

Public Attributes

const char * category
const char * description
const char * displayName
VmbFeatureData_t featureDataType
VmbFeatureFlags_t featureFlags
VmbBool_t hasAffectedFeatures
VmbBool_t hasSelectedFeatures
VmbBool_t isStreamable
const char * name
VmbUint32_t pollingTime
const char * representation
const char * sfncNamespace
const char * tooltip
const char * unit
VmbFeatureVisibility_t visibility

Detailed Description

Definition at line 208 of file VimbaC.h.

Member Data Documentation

const char* VmbFeatureInfo::category

Definition at line 213 of file VimbaC.h.

const char* VmbFeatureInfo::description

Definition at line 220 of file VimbaC.h.

const char* VmbFeatureInfo::displayName

Definition at line 214 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbFeatureData_t VmbFeatureInfo::featureDataType

Definition at line 211 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbFeatureFlags_t VmbFeatureInfo::featureFlags

Definition at line 212 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbBool_t VmbFeatureInfo::hasAffectedFeatures

Definition at line 223 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbBool_t VmbFeatureInfo::hasSelectedFeatures

Definition at line 224 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbBool_t VmbFeatureInfo::isStreamable

Definition at line 222 of file VimbaC.h.

const char* VmbFeatureInfo::name

Definition at line 210 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbUint32_t VmbFeatureInfo::pollingTime

Definition at line 215 of file VimbaC.h.

const char* VmbFeatureInfo::representation

Definition at line 217 of file VimbaC.h.

const char* VmbFeatureInfo::sfncNamespace

Definition at line 221 of file VimbaC.h.

const char* VmbFeatureInfo::tooltip

Definition at line 219 of file VimbaC.h.

const char* VmbFeatureInfo::unit

Definition at line 216 of file VimbaC.h.

VmbFeatureVisibility_t VmbFeatureInfo::visibility

Definition at line 218 of file VimbaC.h.

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