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AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl Struct Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void VMB_CALL InvalidationCallback (const VmbHandle_t handle, const char *name, void *context)

Public Attributes

FeaturePtrVector m_affectedFeatures
bool m_bAffectedFeaturesFetched
bool m_bSelectedFeaturesFetched
ConditionHelper m_conditionHelper
LockableVector< IFeatureObserverPtr > m_observers
ConditionHelper m_observersConditionHelper
FeaturePtrVector m_selectedFeatures

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void VMB_CALL AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl::InvalidationCallback ( const VmbHandle_t  handle,
const char *  name,
void *  context 

Definition at line 147 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

FeaturePtrVector AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl::m_affectedFeatures

Definition at line 44 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

bool AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl::m_bAffectedFeaturesFetched

Definition at line 46 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

bool AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl::m_bSelectedFeaturesFetched

Definition at line 47 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

ConditionHelper AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl::m_conditionHelper

Definition at line 50 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

LockableVector<IFeatureObserverPtr> AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl::m_observers

Definition at line 42 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

ConditionHelper AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl::m_observersConditionHelper

Definition at line 49 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

FeaturePtrVector AVT::VmbAPI::BaseFeature::Impl::m_selectedFeatures

Definition at line 45 of file BaseFeature.cpp.

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