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AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem Class Reference

#include <VimbaSystem.h>


struct  Impl

Public Member Functions

IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetCameraByID (const char *pID, CameraPtr &pCamera)
CameraPtr GetCameraPtrByHandle (const VmbHandle_t handle) const
VmbErrorType GetCameras (CameraPtrVector &cameras)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetInterfaceByID (const char *pID, InterfacePtr &pInterface)
VmbErrorType GetInterfaces (InterfacePtrVector &interfaces)
Logger GetLogger () const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType OpenCameraByID (const char *pID, VmbAccessModeType eAccessMode, CameraPtr &pCamera)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType OpenInterfaceByID (const char *pID, InterfacePtr &pInterface)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType QueryVersion (VmbVersionInfo_t &version)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType RegisterCameraFactory (const ICameraFactoryPtr &pCameraFactory)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType RegisterCameraListObserver (const ICameraListObserverPtr &pObserver)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType RegisterInterfaceListObserver (const IInterfaceListObserverPtr &pObserver)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType Shutdown ()
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType Startup ()
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType UnregisterCameraFactory ()
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType UnregisterCameraListObserver (const ICameraListObserverPtr &pObserver)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType UnregisterInterfaceListObserver (const IInterfaceListObserverPtr &pObserver)

Static Public Member Functions

static IMEXPORT VimbaSystemGetInstance ()

Private Member Functions

IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetCameras (CameraPtr *pCameras, VmbUint32_t &size)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetInterfaces (InterfacePtr *pInterfaces, VmbUint32_t &size)
VimbaSystemoperator= (const VimbaSystem &system)
 VimbaSystem ()
 VimbaSystem (const VimbaSystem &)
 ~VimbaSystem ()

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static VimbaSystem _instance

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file VimbaSystem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::VimbaSystem ( )

Definition at line 911 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::VimbaSystem ( const VimbaSystem )

Definition at line 921 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::~VimbaSystem ( )

Definition at line 932 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetCameraByID ( const char *  pID,
CameraPtr pCamera 

Definition at line 312 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

CameraPtr AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetCameraPtrByHandle ( const VmbHandle_t  handle) const

Definition at line 404 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetCameras ( CameraPtrVector cameras)
VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetCameras ( CameraPtr pCameras,
VmbUint32_t size 

Definition at line 271 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VimbaSystem & AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetInstance ( )

Definition at line 79 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetInterfaceByID ( const char *  pID,
InterfacePtr pInterface 

Definition at line 200 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetInterfaces ( InterfacePtrVector interfaces)
VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetInterfaces ( InterfacePtr pInterfaces,
VmbUint32_t size 

Definition at line 159 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

Logger AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::GetLogger ( ) const

Definition at line 1088 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::OpenCameraByID ( const char *  pID,
VmbAccessModeType  eAccessMode,
CameraPtr pCamera 

Definition at line 388 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::OpenInterfaceByID ( const char *  pID,
InterfacePtr pInterface 

Definition at line 255 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VimbaSystem & AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::operator= ( const VimbaSystem system)

Definition at line 926 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::QueryVersion ( VmbVersionInfo_t version)

Definition at line 84 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::RegisterCameraFactory ( const ICameraFactoryPtr &  pCameraFactory)

Definition at line 886 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::RegisterCameraListObserver ( const ICameraListObserverPtr &  pObserver)

Definition at line 669 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::RegisterInterfaceListObserver ( const IInterfaceListObserverPtr &  pObserver)

Definition at line 790 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::Shutdown ( )

Definition at line 102 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::Startup ( )

Definition at line 93 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::UnregisterCameraFactory ( )

Definition at line 898 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::UnregisterCameraListObserver ( const ICameraListObserverPtr &  pObserver)

Definition at line 726 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::UnregisterInterfaceListObserver ( const IInterfaceListObserverPtr &  pObserver)

Definition at line 838 of file VimbaSystem.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

VimbaSystem AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::_instance

Definition at line 363 of file VimbaSystem.h.

Impl* AVT::VmbAPI::VimbaSystem::m_pImpl

Definition at line 369 of file VimbaSystem.h.

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