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AVT::VmbAPI::Frame Class Reference

#include <Frame.h>


struct  Impl

Public Member Functions

IMEXPORT Frame (VmbInt64_t bufferSize)
IMEXPORT Frame (VmbUchar_t *pBuffer, VmbInt64_t bufferSize)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetAncillaryData (AncillaryDataPtr &pAncillaryData)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetAncillaryData (ConstAncillaryDataPtr &pAncillaryData) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetAncillarySize (VmbUint32_t &ancillarySize) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetBuffer (VmbUchar_t *&pBuffer)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetBuffer (const VmbUchar_t *&pBuffer) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetBufferSize (VmbUint32_t &bufferSize) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetFrameID (VmbUint64_t &frameID) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetHeight (VmbUint32_t &height) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetImage (VmbUchar_t *&pBuffer)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetImage (const VmbUchar_t *&pBuffer) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetImageSize (VmbUint32_t &imageSize) const
bool GetObserver (IFrameObserverPtr &observer) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetOffsetX (VmbUint32_t &offsetX) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetOffsetY (VmbUint32_t &offsetY) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetPixelFormat (VmbPixelFormatType &pixelFormat) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetReceiveStatus (VmbFrameStatusType &status) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetTimestamp (VmbUint64_t &timestamp) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetWidth (VmbUint32_t &width) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType RegisterObserver (const IFrameObserverPtr &pObserver)
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType UnregisterObserver ()
IMEXPORT ~Frame ()

Private Member Functions

 Frame ()
 Frame (Frame &)
Frameoperator= (const Frame &)

Private Attributes



class Camera

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file Frame.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::Frame ( VmbInt64_t  bufferSize)

Definition at line 55 of file Frame.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::Frame ( VmbUchar_t pBuffer,
VmbInt64_t  bufferSize 

Definition at line 68 of file Frame.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::~Frame ( )

Definition at line 111 of file Frame.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::Frame ( )

Definition at line 39 of file Frame.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::Frame ( Frame )

Definition at line 44 of file Frame.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetAncillaryData ( AncillaryDataPtr pAncillaryData)

Definition at line 198 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetAncillaryData ( ConstAncillaryDataPtr pAncillaryData) const

Definition at line 210 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetAncillarySize ( VmbUint32_t ancillarySize) const

Definition at line 266 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetBuffer ( VmbUchar_t *&  pBuffer)

Definition at line 222 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetBuffer ( const VmbUchar_t *&  pBuffer) const

Definition at line 229 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetBufferSize ( VmbUint32_t bufferSize) const

Definition at line 273 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetFrameID ( VmbUint64_t frameID) const

Definition at line 315 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetHeight ( VmbUint32_t height) const

Definition at line 294 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetImage ( VmbUchar_t *&  pBuffer)

Definition at line 236 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetImage ( const VmbUchar_t *&  pBuffer) const

Definition at line 244 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetImageSize ( VmbUint32_t imageSize) const

Definition at line 259 of file Frame.cpp.

bool AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetObserver ( IFrameObserverPtr &  observer) const

Definition at line 175 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetOffsetX ( VmbUint32_t offsetX) const

Definition at line 301 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetOffsetY ( VmbUint32_t offsetY) const

Definition at line 308 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetPixelFormat ( VmbPixelFormatType pixelFormat) const

Definition at line 280 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetReceiveStatus ( VmbFrameStatusType status) const

Definition at line 252 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetTimestamp ( VmbUint64_t timestamp) const

Definition at line 322 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::GetWidth ( VmbUint32_t width) const

Definition at line 287 of file Frame.cpp.

Frame & AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::operator= ( const Frame )

Definition at line 49 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::RegisterObserver ( const IFrameObserverPtr &  pObserver)

Definition at line 123 of file Frame.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::UnregisterObserver ( )

Definition at line 147 of file Frame.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Camera

Definition at line 43 of file Frame.h.

Member Data Documentation

Impl* AVT::VmbAPI::Frame::m_pImpl

Definition at line 324 of file Frame.h.

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