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Util.cpp File Reference
#include "ar_track_alvar/Util.h"
#include "ar_track_alvar/FileFormatUtils.h"
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struct  alvar::SerializationFormatterXml


 Main ALVAR namespace.


double ALVAR_EXPORT alvar::angle (CvPoint *A, CvPoint *B, CvPoint *C, CvPoint *D, int isDirectionDependent)
 Computes the angle between lines AB and CD. More...
int ALVAR_EXPORT alvar::cross (CvPoint *A, CvPoint *B, CvPoint *C)
 Computes the cross product AB x AC. More...
double ALVAR_EXPORT alvar::distance (CvPoint *A, CvPoint *B)
 Compute the distance from A to B. More...
int ALVAR_EXPORT alvar::dot (CvPoint *A, CvPoint *B, CvPoint *C)
 Computes dot product AB.BC. More...
int alvar::exp_filt2 (vector< double > &v, vector< double > &ret, bool clamp)
int alvar::find_zero_crossings (const vector< double > &v, vector< int > &corners, int offs)
void alvar::FitCVEllipse (const vector< PointDouble > &points, CvBox2D &ellipse_box)
double ALVAR_EXPORT alvar::Limit (double val, double min_val, double max_val)
 Limits a number to between two values. More...
double ALVAR_EXPORT alvar::linePointDist (CvPoint *A, CvPoint *B, CvPoint *C, bool isSegment)
 Computes the distance from point C to line (segment) AB. More...
void ALVAR_EXPORT alvar::out_matrix (const CvMat *m, const char *name)
 Output OpenCV matrix for debug purposes. More...
double ALVAR_EXPORT alvar::polyLinePointDist (CvPoint *PointList, int nPnts, CvPoint *C, int *index, int isClosedPolygon)
 Calculates minimum distance from Point C to Polygon whose points are in list PointList. More...

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