Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DynamicParameterClass to read parameter file and set the correct hardware parameters
DynamicParameter::SettingsInline struct to store the settings
driver_svh::SVHControlCommandControlCommands are given as a single target position for the position controller (given in ticks)
driver_svh::SVHControlCommandAllChannelsStructure for transmitting all controllcommands at once
driver_svh::SVHControllerThis class controls the the SCHUNK five finger hand
driver_svh::SVHControllerFeedbackThe SVHControllerFeedback saves the feedback of a single motor
driver_svh::SVHControllerFeedbackAllChannelsThe SVHControllerFeedbackAllChannes saves the feedback of a all motors
driver_svh::SVHControllerStateThe SVHControllerState indicates the current state of the MeCoVis controller IC which is used in the SVH
driver_svh::SVHCurrentSettingsThe SVHCurrentSettings save the current controller paramters for a single motor
driver_svh::SVHEncoderSettingsThe SVHEncoderSettings hold the settings for the encoder scaling of each channel
driver_svh::SVHFeedbackPollingThreadThread for periodically requesting feedback messages from the SCHUNK five finger hand
driver_svh::SVHFirmwareInfoThe SVHFirmwareInfo holds the data of a firmware response from the hardware
driver_svh::SVHHomeSettingsData sctructure for home positions
driver_svh::SVHPositionSettingsThe SVHPositionSettings save the position controller paramters for a single motor
driver_svh::SVHReceiveThreadThread for receiving messages from the serial device
driver_svh::SVHSerialInterfaceBasic communication handler for the SCHUNK five finger hand
driver_svh::SVHSerialPacketThe SerialPacket holds the (non generated) header and data of one message to the SVH-Hardware

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