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Class Duration

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Duration represents the ROS 'duration' primitive type, which consists of two integers: seconds and nanoseconds. The Duration class allows you to add and subtract Duration instances, including adding and subtracting from Time instances.


 five_seconds = Duration(5)
 five_nanoseconds = Duration(0, 5)

 print 'Fields are', five_seconds.secs, five_seconds.nsecs

 # Duration arithmetic
 ten_seconds = five_seconds + five_seconds
 five_secs_ago = - five_seconds # Time minus Duration is a Time

 true_val = ten_second > five_seconds
Instance Methods
__init__(self, secs=0, nsecs=0)
Create new Duration instance.
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Static Methods

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Method Details

__init__(self, secs=0, nsecs=0)

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Create new Duration instance. secs and nsecs are integers and correspond to the ROS 'duration' primitive type.

  • secs (int) - seconds
  • nsecs (int) - nanoseconds
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