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Class ROSLaunchListener

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Listener interface for events related to ROSLaunch. ROSLaunchListener is currently identical to the lower-level roslaunch.pmon.ProcessListener interface, but is separate for architectural reasons. The lower-level roslaunch.pmon.ProcessMonitor does not provide events about remotely running processes.

Instance Methods
process_died(self, process_name, exit_code)
Notifies listener that process has died.
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Method Details

process_died(self, process_name, exit_code)

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Notifies listener that process has died. This callback only occurs for processes that die during normal process monitor execution -- processes that are forcibly killed during roslaunch.pmon.ProcessMonitor shutdown are not reported.

  • process_name (str) - name of process
  • exit_code (int), int - exit code of process. If None, it means that roslaunch.pmon.ProcessMonitor was unable to determine an exit code.