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crl::multisense::image::Histogram Class Reference

#include <MultiSenseTypes.hh>

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 Histogram ()

Public Attributes

uint32_t bins
uint32_t channels
std::vector< uint32_t > data

Detailed Description

Class which stores a image histogram from a camera image. This is used as an input when querying a image histogram.

Example code to query a image histogram for a left image corresponding to frameId 100

     // Instantiate a channel connecting to a sensor at the factory default
     // IP address
     crl::multisense::Channel* channel;
     channel = crl::multisense::Channel::Create("");


     // Create a histogram instance to store histogram data
     crl::multisense::image::Histogram histogram;

     uint64_t frameId = 100;

     // Query the histogram from the image with the frameId == 100.
     // Note histograms can only be queried for images whose frameIds are
     // less than 20 frameIds away from the most recent received frameId
     crl::multisense::Status status = channel->getImageHistogram(frameId, histogram);

     // Check to see if the histogram query succeeded
     if(crl::multisense::Status_Ok != status) {
          throw std::runtime_error("Unable to query image histogram for frameId %d", frameId);

     // Destroy the channel instance

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Default constructor

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Member Data Documentation

The number of possible pixel values for each color channel

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The number of color channels in the given histogram. For color images this is 4 corresponding to the GRBG Bayer channels

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The histogram data concatinated serially in GRBG order. The length of data is equal to channels * bins

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