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propagation_distance_field.h File Reference
#include <moveit/distance_field/voxel_grid.h>
#include <moveit/distance_field/distance_field.h>
#include <vector>
#include <list>
#include <Eigen/Core>
#include <set>
#include <octomap/octomap.h>
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struct  distance_field::compareEigen_Vector3i
 Struct for sorting type Eigen::Vector3i for use in sorted std containers. Sorts in z order, then y order, then x order. More...
class  distance_field::PropagationDistanceField
 A DistanceField implementation that uses a vector propagation method. Distances propagate outward from occupied cells, or inwards from unoccupied cells if negative distances are to be computed, which is optional. Outward and inward propagation only occur to a desired maximum distance - cells that are more than this maximum distance from the nearest cell will have maximum distance measurements. More...
struct  distance_field::PropDistanceFieldVoxel
 Structure that holds voxel information for the DistanceField. Will be used in VoxelGrid. More...


namespace  distance_field

Namespace for holding classes that generate distance fields.

Author(s): Ioan Sucan , Sachin Chitta , Acorn Pooley
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