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message_filters Namespace Reference


namespace  sync_policies


class  Cache
 Stores a time history of messages. More...
class  CallbackHelper1
class  CallbackHelper1T
class  CallbackHelper9
class  CallbackHelper9T
class  Chain
 Chains a dynamic number of simple filters together. Allows retrieval of filters by index after they are added. More...
class  ChainBase
 Base class for Chain, allows you to store multiple chains in the same container. Provides filter retrieval by index. More...
class  Connection
 Encapsulates a connection from one filter to another (or to a user-specified callback) More...
struct  NullFilter
struct  NullType
class  PassThrough
 Simple passthrough filter. What comes in goes out immediately. More...
struct  PolicyBase
class  Signal1
class  Signal9
class  SimpleFilter
 Convenience base-class for simple filters which output a single message. More...
class  Subscriber
 ROS subscription filter. More...
class  SubscriberBase
class  Synchronizer
class  TimeSequencer
 Sequences messages based on the timestamp of their header. More...
class  TimeSynchronizer
 Synchronizes up to 9 messages by their timestamps. More...


typedef boost::shared_ptr
< ChainBase
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< NullType const > 
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< SubscriberBase

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::shared_ptr<ChainBase> message_filters::ChainBasePtr

Definition at line 77 of file chain.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr<NullType const> message_filters::NullTypeConstPtr

Definition at line 51 of file null_types.h.

Definition at line 73 of file subscriber.h.

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