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pymavlink::generator::mavgen_objc Namespace Reference


def camel_case_from_underscores
def generate
def generate_base_message
def generate_mavlink
def generate_message
def generate_message_definitions
def generate_message_definitions_h
def generate_shared
def lower_camel_case_from_underscores


tuple t = mavtemplate.MAVTemplate()

Function Documentation

generate a CamelCase string from an underscore_string.

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_objc.generate (   basename,
generate complete MAVLink Objective-C implemenation

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Generate base MVMessage header and implementation

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_objc.generate_mavlink (   directory,
generate MVMavlink header and implementation

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generate per-message header and implementation file

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generate files for one XML file

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generate headerfile containing includes for all messages

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_objc.generate_shared (   basename,

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generate a lower-cased camelCase string from an underscore_string.
For example: my_variable_name -> myVariableName

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Variable Documentation

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