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pymavlink.generator.lib.genxmlif.xmlifApi.XmlTreeWrapper Class Reference

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def __init__
def __str__
def cloneTree
def createElement
def getRootNode
def getTree
def printTree
def setExternalCacheUsage
def unlink
def useCaching

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Detailed Description

XML tree wrapper API.

Contains a DOM tree or an elementtree (depending on used XML parser)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pymavlink.generator.lib.genxmlif.xmlifApi.XmlTreeWrapper.__init__ (   self,
Constructor of wrapper class XmlTreeWrapper.

Input parameter:
    'xmlIf':      used XML interface class
    'tree':       DOM tree or elementtree which is wrapped by this object
    'useCaching': 1 if caching shall be used inside genxmlif, otherwise 0

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Member Function Documentation

Return the string representation of the contained XML tree.

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Creates a copy of a whole XML DOM tree.

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def pymavlink.generator.lib.genxmlif.xmlifApi.XmlTreeWrapper.createElement (   self,
  attributeDict = None,
  curNs = [] 
Create an ElementWrapper object.

Input parameter:
    tupleOrLocalName: tag name of element node to be created 
              (tuple of namespace and localName or only localName if no namespace is used)
    attributeDict:    attributes for this elements
    curNs:            namespaces for scope of this element
Returns an ElementWrapper object containing the created element node.

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Retrieve the wrapper object of the root element of the contained XML tree.

Returns the ElementWrapper object of the root element.

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Retrieve the contained XML tree.

Returns the contained XML tree object (internal DOM tree wrapper or elementtree).

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def pymavlink.generator.lib.genxmlif.xmlifApi.XmlTreeWrapper.printTree (   self,
  prettyPrint = 0,
  printElementValue = 1,
  encoding = None 
Return the string representation of the contained XML tree.

Input parameter:
    'prettyPrint':        aligns the columns of the attributes of childNodes
    'printElementValue':  controls if the lement values are printed or not.
Returns a string with the string representation of the whole XML tree.

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Set external cache usage for the whole tree
   unlink commands are ignored if used by an external cache

   Input parameter:
       used:       0 or 1 (used by external cache)

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Break circular references of the complete XML tree.

To be called if the XML tree is not longer used => garbage collection!

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Return 1 if caching should be used for the contained XML tree.

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