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log4cpp::PatternLayout Class Reference

#include <PatternLayout.hh>

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class  PatternComponent

Public Member Functions

virtual void clearConversionPattern ()
virtual std::string format (const LoggingEvent &event)
virtual std::string getConversionPattern () const
 PatternLayout ()
virtual void setConversionPattern (const std::string &conversionPattern) throw (ConfigureFailure)
virtual ~PatternLayout ()

Static Public Attributes

static const char * BASIC_CONVERSION_PATTERN = "%R %p %c %x: %m%n"
static const char * DEFAULT_CONVERSION_PATTERN = "%m%n"
static const char * SIMPLE_CONVERSION_PATTERN = "%p - %m%n"
static const char * TTCC_CONVERSION_PATTERN = "%r [%t] %p %c %x - %m%n"

Private Types

typedef std::vector
< PatternComponent * > 

Private Attributes

ComponentVector _components
std::string _conversionPattern

Detailed Description

PatternLayout is a simple fixed format Layout implementation.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

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std::string log4cpp::PatternLayout::format ( const LoggingEvent event) [virtual]

Formats the LoggingEvent in the style set by the setConversionPattern call. By default, set to "%%m%%n"

Implements log4cpp::Layout.

Definition at line 417 of file PatternLayout.cpp.

std::string log4cpp::PatternLayout::getConversionPattern ( ) const [virtual]

Definition at line 413 of file PatternLayout.cpp.

void log4cpp::PatternLayout::setConversionPattern ( const std::string &  conversionPattern) throw (ConfigureFailure) [virtual]

Sets the format of log lines handled by this PatternLayout. By default, set to "%%m%%n".
Format characters are as follows:
%% - a single percent sign %c - the category %d - the date
Date format: The date format character may be followed by a date format specifier enclosed between braces. For example, %d{%H:%M:%S,%l} or %d{%d %m %Y %H:%M:%S,%l}. If no date format specifier is given then the following format is used: "Wed Jan 02 02:03:55 1980". The date format specifier admits the same syntax as the ANSI C function strftime, with 2 additions. The additions are the specifier %l for milliseconds (padded with zeros to make 3 digits), and the specifier %L for microseconds (padded with zeros to make 6 digits). NB the precision of the microsecond additions is platform dependant, and may be no better than milliseconds. %m - the message %n - the platform specific line separator %p - the priority %r - milliseconds since this layout was created. %R - seconds since Jan 1, 1970 %u - clock ticks since process start %x - the NDC

conversionPatternthe conversion pattern
ConfigureFailureif the pattern is invalid

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Member Data Documentation

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Definition at line 104 of file PatternLayout.hh.

const char * log4cpp::PatternLayout::BASIC_CONVERSION_PATTERN = "%R %p %c %x: %m%n" [static]

A conversion pattern equivalent to the BasicLayout.

Definition at line 40 of file PatternLayout.hh.

The default conversion pattern

Definition at line 30 of file PatternLayout.hh.

const char * log4cpp::PatternLayout::SIMPLE_CONVERSION_PATTERN = "%p - %m%n" [static]

A conversion pattern equivalent to the SimpleLayout.

Definition at line 35 of file PatternLayout.hh.

const char * log4cpp::PatternLayout::TTCC_CONVERSION_PATTERN = "%r [%t] %p %c %x - %m%n" [static]

A conversion pattern equivalent to the TTCCLayout. Note: TTCCLayout is in log4j but not log4cpp.

Definition at line 46 of file PatternLayout.hh.

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