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in_hand_recognition_manager Namespace Reference


def get_mat_from_pose
def get_pose_from_mat
def pose_diff_cb
def pose_teacher_cb
def renew_cb


tuple DummyArrayPub = rospy.Publisher("~dummy_array", PointsArray)
tuple InputPosePub = rospy.Publisher("~output/recognition", PoseStamped)
tuple listener = tf.TransformListener()
tuple OutputPosePub = rospy.Publisher("~output", PoseStamped)
string PKG = 'jsk_pcl_ros'
 renew_flag = False
 teacher_pose_stamped = None

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tuple in_hand_recognition_manager::DummyArrayPub = rospy.Publisher("~dummy_array", PointsArray)

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tuple in_hand_recognition_manager::InputPosePub = rospy.Publisher("~output/recognition", PoseStamped)

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tuple in_hand_recognition_manager::OutputPosePub = rospy.Publisher("~output", PoseStamped)

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string in_hand_recognition_manager::PKG = 'jsk_pcl_ros'

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