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jsk_data::gdrive Namespace Reference


def _find_id_by_filename
def _info_gdrive_filename
def _init_gdrive
def delete_gdrive
def download_gdrive
def info_gdrive
def list_gdrive
def open_gdrive
def run_gdrive
def upload_gdrive


string DIR_ID = '0B9P1L--7Wd2vUGplQkVLTFBWcFE'

Function Documentation

def jsk_data.gdrive._find_id_by_filename (   filename) [private]

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def jsk_data.gdrive._info_gdrive_filename (   stdout) [private]

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def jsk_data.gdrive._init_gdrive ( ) [private]
This should be called before any commands with gdrive

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def jsk_data.gdrive.delete_gdrive (   filename)

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def jsk_data.gdrive.download_gdrive (   filename)

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def jsk_data.gdrive.info_gdrive (   id,
  only_filename = False 

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def jsk_data.gdrive.run_gdrive (   args = None,
  stdout = True 

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def jsk_data.gdrive.upload_gdrive (   filename)

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Variable Documentation

string jsk_data::gdrive::DIR_ID = '0B9P1L--7Wd2vUGplQkVLTFBWcFE'

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