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scale_interaction Namespace Reference


def heightScallCallback
def polygonCallback
def publishResizedPolygon
def updateForPendingData
def widthScallCallback


 height_scale = None
tuple inverse = rospy.get_param("~inverse", False)
tuple lock = Lock()
 pending_polygon = None
tuple pub = rospy.Publisher("~output", PolygonStamped)
tuple sub_height = rospy.Subscriber("~input/height_scale", Float32, heightScallCallback)
tuple sub_polygon = rospy.Subscriber("~input", PolygonStamped, polygonCallback)
tuple sub_width = rospy.Subscriber("~input/width_scale", Float32, widthScallCallback)
 width_scale = None

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tuple scale_interaction::inverse = rospy.get_param("~inverse", False)

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tuple scale_interaction::lock = Lock()

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tuple scale_interaction::pub = rospy.Publisher("~output", PolygonStamped)

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tuple scale_interaction::sub_height = rospy.Subscriber("~input/height_scale", Float32, heightScallCallback)

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tuple scale_interaction::sub_polygon = rospy.Subscriber("~input", PolygonStamped, polygonCallback)

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tuple scale_interaction::sub_width = rospy.Subscriber("~input/width_scale", Float32, widthScallCallback)

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