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image_proc::RectifyNodelet Class Reference
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Private Types

typedef image_proc::RectifyConfig Config
< Config

Private Member Functions

void configCb (Config &config, uint32_t level)
void connectCb ()
void imageCb (const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr &image_msg, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr &info_msg)
virtual void onInit ()

Private Attributes

Config config_
boost::recursive_mutex config_mutex_
boost::mutex connect_mutex_
< image_transport::ImageTransport
image_geometry::PinholeCameraModel model_
image_transport::Publisher pub_rect_
int queue_size_
< ReconfigureServer
image_transport::CameraSubscriber sub_camera_

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef image_proc::RectifyConfig image_proc::RectifyNodelet::Config [private]

Definition at line 61 of file rectify.cpp.

typedef dynamic_reconfigure::Server<Config> image_proc::RectifyNodelet::ReconfigureServer [private]

Definition at line 62 of file rectify.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void image_proc::RectifyNodelet::configCb ( Config config,
uint32_t  level 
) [private]

Definition at line 161 of file rectify.cpp.

Definition at line 101 of file rectify.cpp.

void image_proc::RectifyNodelet::imageCb ( const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr &  image_msg,
const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr &  info_msg 
) [private]

Definition at line 113 of file rectify.cpp.

void image_proc::RectifyNodelet::onInit ( ) [private, virtual]

Implements nodelet::Nodelet.

Definition at line 79 of file rectify.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 64 of file rectify.cpp.

boost::recursive_mutex image_proc::RectifyNodelet::config_mutex_ [private]

Definition at line 60 of file rectify.cpp.

Definition at line 56 of file rectify.cpp.

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