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ecl::ValueArgHelper::ValueExtractor< std::string > Class Template Reference

TClap class internally used for string handling. More...

#include <value_arg.hpp>

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Private Member Functions

int extractValue (const std::string &val)
 ValueExtractor (std::string &value)

Private Attributes

std::string & _value


class ValueArg< std::string >

Detailed Description

class ecl::ValueArgHelper::ValueExtractor< std::string >

TClap class internally used for string handling.

Specialization for string. This is necessary because istringstream operator>> is not able to ignore spaces... meaning -x "X Y" will only read 'X'... and thus the specialization.

Definition at line 115 of file value_arg.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ecl::ValueArgHelper::ValueExtractor< std::string >::ValueExtractor ( std::string &  value) [inline, private]


value- Where the value extracted will be put.

Definition at line 131 of file value_arg.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

int ecl::ValueArgHelper::ValueExtractor< std::string >::extractValue ( const std::string &  val) [inline, private]

Method that will attempt to parse the input stream for a value of type std::string.

val- Where the string parsed will be put.

Definition at line 138 of file value_arg.hpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ValueArg< std::string > [friend]

Definition at line 117 of file value_arg.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

std::string& ecl::ValueArgHelper::ValueExtractor< std::string >::_value [private]

Reference to the value where the result of the extraction will be put.

Definition at line 125 of file value_arg.hpp.

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