DynamicEDT3D Member List
This is the complete list of members for DynamicEDT3D, including all inherited members.
addListDynamicEDT3D [private]
bwProcessed enum valueDynamicEDT3D [protected]
bwQueued enum valueDynamicEDT3D [protected]
clearCell(int x, int y, int z)DynamicEDT3D
commitAndColorize(bool updateRealDist=true)DynamicEDT3D [private]
dataDynamicEDT3D [protected]
distanceInCellsValue_ErrorDynamicEDT3D [static]
distanceValue_ErrorDynamicEDT3D [static]
doubleThresholdDynamicEDT3D [protected]
DynamicEDT3D(int _maxdist_squared)DynamicEDT3D
exchangeObstacles(std::vector< INTPOINT3D > newObstacles)DynamicEDT3D
free enum valueDynamicEDT3D [protected]
fwNotQueued enum valueDynamicEDT3D [protected]
fwProcessed enum valueDynamicEDT3D [protected]
fwQueued enum valueDynamicEDT3D [protected]
getClosestObstacle(int x, int y, int z) const DynamicEDT3D
getDistance(int x, int y, int z) const DynamicEDT3D
getSizeX() const DynamicEDT3D [inline]
getSizeY() const DynamicEDT3D [inline]
getSizeZ() const DynamicEDT3D [inline]
getSQCellDistance(int x, int y, int z) const DynamicEDT3D
gridMapDynamicEDT3D [protected]
initializeEmpty(int _sizeX, int _sizeY, int sizeZ, bool initGridMap=true)DynamicEDT3D
initializeMap(int _sizeX, int _sizeY, int sizeZ, bool ***_gridMap)DynamicEDT3D
inspectCellPropagate(int &nx, int &ny, int &nz, dataCell &c, bool updateRealDist)DynamicEDT3D [inline, protected]
inspectCellRaise(int &nx, int &ny, int &nz, bool updateRealDist)DynamicEDT3D [inline, protected]
invalidObstData enum valueDynamicEDT3D
isOccupied(int x, int y, int z) const DynamicEDT3D
isOccupied(int &x, int &y, int &z, dataCell &c)DynamicEDT3D [inline, private]
lastObstaclesDynamicEDT3D [private]
maxDistDynamicEDT3D [protected]
maxDist_squaredDynamicEDT3D [protected]
ObstDataState enum nameDynamicEDT3D
occupied enum valueDynamicEDT3D [protected]
occupyCell(int x, int y, int z)DynamicEDT3D
openDynamicEDT3D [private]
paddingDynamicEDT3D [protected]
propagateCell(INTPOINT3D &p, dataCell &c, bool updateRealDist)DynamicEDT3D [inline, protected]
QueueingState enum nameDynamicEDT3D [protected]
raiseCell(INTPOINT3D &p, dataCell &c, bool updateRealDist)DynamicEDT3D [inline, protected]
removeListDynamicEDT3D [private]
removeObstacle(int x, int y, int z)DynamicEDT3D [protected]
setObstacle(int x, int y, int z)DynamicEDT3D [protected]
sizeXDynamicEDT3D [protected]
sizeXm1DynamicEDT3D [protected]
sizeYDynamicEDT3D [protected]
sizeYm1DynamicEDT3D [protected]
sizeZDynamicEDT3D [protected]
sizeZm1DynamicEDT3D [protected]
sqrt2DynamicEDT3D [protected]
State enum nameDynamicEDT3D [protected]
update(bool updateRealDist=true)DynamicEDT3D [virtual]

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