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BFL::AnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty Class Reference

#include <analyticmeasurementmodel_gaussianuncertainty.h>

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 AnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty (AnalyticConditionalGaussian *Measurementpdf=NULL)
CovarianceGet (const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &u, const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &x)
 Returns covariance on the measurement.
virtual MatrixWrapper::Matrix df_dxGet (const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &u, const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &x)
 Returns H-matrix.
virtual MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector PredictionGet (const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &u, const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &x)
 Returns estimation of measurement.
virtual ~AnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty ()

Detailed Description

Class representing all continuous analytic Measurement Models with additive Gaussian Uncertainty

Definition at line 30 of file analyticmeasurementmodel_gaussianuncertainty.h.

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MeasurementpdfConditionalPdf<S,T> representing $ P(Z_k | X_{k} (, U_{k})) $
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Definition at line 28 of file analyticmeasurementmodel_gaussianuncertainty.cpp.


Definition at line 33 of file analyticmeasurementmodel_gaussianuncertainty.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

SymmetricMatrix BFL::AnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty::CovarianceGet ( const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &  u,
const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &  x 
) [virtual]
Matrix BFL::AnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty::df_dxGet ( const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &  u,
const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &  x 
) [virtual]

Returns H-matrix.

\[ H = \frac{df}{dx} \mid_{u,x} \]

used by extended kalman filter

uThe value of the input in which the derivate is evaluated
xThe value in the state in which the derivate is evaluated

Reimplemented in BFL::NonLinearAnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty_Ginac, BFL::LinearAnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty_Implicit, and BFL::LinearAnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty.

Definition at line 38 of file analyticmeasurementmodel_gaussianuncertainty.cpp.

ColumnVector BFL::AnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty::PredictionGet ( const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &  u,
const MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector &  x 
) [virtual]

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