rclcpp_components: Package containing tools for dynamically loadable components.

  • ComponentManager: Node to manage components. It has the services to load, unload and list current components.

    • rclcpp_components/component_manager.hpp)

  • Node factory: The NodeFactory interface is used by the class loader to instantiate components.

    • rclcpp_components/node_factory.hpp)

    • It allows for classes not derived from rclcpp::Node to be used as components.

    • It allows derived constructors to be called when components are loaded.

Some useful abstractions and utilities:

  • [RCLCPP_COMPONENTS_REGISTER_NODE: Register a component that can be dynamically loaded at runtime.

    • (include/rclcpp_components/register_node_macro.hpp)

Some useful internal abstractions and utilities:

  • Macros for controlling symbol visibility on the library

    • rclcpp_components/visibility_control.h

Package containing CMake tools for register components:

  • rclcpp_components_register_node Register an rclcpp component with the ament resource index and create an executable.

  • rclcpp_components_register_nodes Register an rclcpp component with the ament resource index. The passed library can contain multiple nodes each registered via macro.

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