Class GazeboSimSystemInterface

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public hardware_interface::SystemInterface

Derived Type

Class Documentation

class GazeboSimSystemInterface : public hardware_interface::SystemInterface

Subclassed by gz_ros2_control::GazeboSimSystem

Public Types

enum ControlMethod_


enumerator NONE
enumerator POSITION
enumerator VELOCITY
enumerator EFFORT
typedef SafeEnum<enum ControlMethod_> ControlMethod

Public Functions

virtual bool initSim(rclcpp::Node::SharedPtr &model_nh, std::map<std::string, sim::Entity> &joints, const hardware_interface::HardwareInfo &hardware_info, sim::EntityComponentManager &_ecm, int &update_rate) = 0

Initialize the system interface param[in] model_nh Pointer to the ros2 node param[in] joints Map with the name of the joint as the key and the value is related with the entity in Gazebo param[in] hardware_info structure with data from URDF. param[in] _ecm Entity-component manager. param[in] update_rate controller update rate.

Protected Attributes

rclcpp::Node::SharedPtr nh_