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rate_publishers.RatePublishers Class Reference

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def __init__
def add_topic
def pub
def spin_once
def stop

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A class for managing several ROS publishers repeating messages
with different rates.

The main purpose of this class is for unit testing.

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def rate_publishers.RatePublishers.add_topic (   self,
Adds a topic for future publication.

This creates a rospy.Publisher internally. Note that the
publisher will latch the topic; if that wasn't the case,
clients might need to sleep before publishing something
for the first time to give subscribers enough time to

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def (   self,
  rate = None 
Publishes `message' on the given topic.

If `rate' is not None, the message will be repeated at the
given rate (expected to be in Hz) until pub() or stop()
are invoked again.

Note that `rate' may also be a function, in which case
it'll be invoked for each publication to obtain the message.

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Publishes any scheduled messages and returns the amount of
time until it should be called again.

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def rate_publishers.RatePublishers.stop (   self,
Stops repeating any message on the given topic.

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