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sensor_msgs::PointCloud2Iterator< T > Class Template Reference

Class that can iterate over a PointCloud2. More...

#include <point_cloud2_iterator.h>

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 PointCloud2Iterator (sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 &cloud_msg, const std::string &field_name)

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class sensor_msgs::PointCloud2Iterator< T >

Class that can iterate over a PointCloud2.

T type of the element being iterated upon E.g, you create your PointClou2 message as follows:

   setPointCloud2FieldsByString(cloud_msg, 2, "xyz", "rgb");

For iterating over XYZ, you do :

   sensor_msgs::PointCloud2Iterator<float> iter_x(cloud_msg, "x");

and then access X through iter_x[0] or *iter_x You could create an iterator for Y and Z too but as they are consecutive, you can just use iter_x[1] and iter_x[2]

For iterating over RGB, you do:

 sensor_msgs::PointCloud2Iterator<uint8_t> iter_rgb(cloud_msg, "rgb");

and then access R,G,B through iter_rgb[0], iter_rgb[1], iter_rgb[2]

Definition at line 281 of file point_cloud2_iterator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T>
sensor_msgs::PointCloud2Iterator< T >::PointCloud2Iterator ( sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 &  cloud_msg,
const std::string &  field_name 
) [inline]

Definition at line 284 of file point_cloud2_iterator.h.

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