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segbot_simulation_apps Namespace Reference


class  DoorHandler


bool checkClosePoses (const geometry_msgs::Pose &p1, const geometry_msgs::Pose &p2, float threshold=0.05, bool check_yaw=true)
bool teleportEntity (const std::string &entity, const geometry_msgs::Pose &pose, ros::ServiceClient &get_gazebo_model_client, ros::ServiceClient &set_gazebo_model_client)

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bool segbot_simulation_apps::checkClosePoses ( const geometry_msgs::Pose p1,
const geometry_msgs::Pose p2,
float  threshold = 0.05,
bool  check_yaw = true 

Definition at line 10 of file common.cpp.

bool segbot_simulation_apps::teleportEntity ( const std::string &  entity,
const geometry_msgs::Pose pose,
ros::ServiceClient get_gazebo_model_client,
ros::ServiceClient set_gazebo_model_client 

Definition at line 28 of file common.cpp.

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