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RTT::corba::CorbaLibPlugin Struct Reference

#include <TransportPlugin.hpp>

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std::string getName () const
std::string getTransportName () const
std::string getTypekitName () const
bool registerTransport (std::string name, RTT::types::TypeInfo *ti)

Detailed Description

The CORBA transport plugin

Definition at line 49 of file transports/corba/TransportPlugin.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

std::string RTT::corba::CorbaLibPlugin::getName ( ) const [virtual]

Each plugin must have a unique name. This name is used globally in the process to identify this instance.

Implements RTT::types::TransportPlugin.

Definition at line 199 of file CorbaLib.cpp.

std::string RTT::corba::CorbaLibPlugin::getTransportName ( ) const [virtual]

Returns the (protocol) name of this transport. May not contain slashes. e.g. "CORBA", "mqueue, "rostcp",...

Implements RTT::types::TransportPlugin.

Definition at line 191 of file CorbaLib.cpp.

std::string RTT::corba::CorbaLibPlugin::getTypekitName ( ) const [virtual]

Returns the intended typekit name of this plugin. This is informative and only for user display. e.g. "rtt-types", "kdl-types/frame",...

Implements RTT::types::TransportPlugin.

Definition at line 195 of file CorbaLib.cpp.

bool RTT::corba::CorbaLibPlugin::registerTransport ( std::string  type_name,
RTT::types::TypeInfo ti 
) [virtual]

Add a transport for the given type to the types::TypeInfo instance.

type_nameThe name of the type to transport
tiThe type to which transports may be added.
false if no transport was added, true otherwise.

Implements RTT::types::TransportPlugin.

Definition at line 151 of file CorbaLib.cpp.

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