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RTT::dev::DigitalOutput Class Reference

#include <DigitalOutput.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 DigitalOutput (DigitalOutInterface *dig_out, unsigned int relay_nr, bool _invert=false)
 DigitalOutput (bool initial_state=false)
bool isOn () const
void setBit (bool on_off)
void switchOff ()
void switchOn ()
 ~DigitalOutput ()

Private Attributes

bool invert
unsigned int relaynumber

Detailed Description

A DigitalOut represents any on/off output. Examples are brakes, valves, simple grippers etc. This class can be used in combination with a DigitalOutInterface or as a 'virtual' switch in which case the on/off state is stored in this object.

See also:
also DigitalInput

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RTT::dev::DigitalOutput::DigitalOutput ( DigitalOutInterface dig_out,
unsigned int  relay_nr,
bool  _invert = false 
) [inline]

Create a new Relay acting on a digital output device.

dig_outThe digital output device to use
relay_nrThe bit number to use on dig_out
_invertSet to true if isOn() must return inverted signal

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RTT::dev::DigitalOutput::DigitalOutput ( bool  initial_state = false) [inline]

Create a virtual (software) relay

initial_stateThe initial on/off state of the DigitalOutput.

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Destruct a DigitalOutput

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Member Function Documentation

bool RTT::dev::DigitalOutput::isOn ( ) const [inline]

Check if the output is on (high).

true if the bit is high.

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void RTT::dev::DigitalOutput::setBit ( bool  on_off) [inline]

Set the bit to the on or off state.

on_offSet to true to turn the bit on.

Definition at line 88 of file DigitalOutput.hpp.

Set the bit low of the digital output.

Definition at line 110 of file DigitalOutput.hpp.

Set the bit high of the digital output.

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Member Data Documentation

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unsigned int RTT::dev::DigitalOutput::relaynumber [private]

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