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rqt_py_common::rosaction Namespace Reference


class  ROSActionException
class  RosActionProtoArgsException
class  ROSActionProtoException


def _get_action_class
def _get_action_class_genpy
def _list_resources
def _list_types
def _msg_filter
def _stdin_arg
def construct_ordered_mapping
def construct_yaml_map_with_ordered_dict
def create_names_filter
def get_action_class
def get_array_type_instance
 end recipe for ordered yaml output ######
def get_message_class_genpy
def get_msg_text
def get_yaml_for_msg
def init_rosaction_proto
def iterate_packages
def list_actions
def list_types
def represent_ordered_mapping
def rosaction_cmd_list
def rosaction_cmd_md5
def rosaction_cmd_package
def rosaction_cmd_packages
def rosaction_cmd_prototype
def rosaction_cmd_show
def rosaction_debug
def rosaction_md5
def rosaction_search
def rosactionmain
def spec_to_str


dictionary _action_class_cache = {}
dictionary _message_class_cache_genpy = {}
string MODE_ACTION = '.action'

Function Documentation

def rqt_py_common.rosaction._get_action_class (   type_str,
  reload_on_error = False 
) [private]
Taken from roslib.message._get_message_or_service_class

Definition at line 155 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction._get_action_class_genpy (   type_str,
  reload_on_error = False 
) [private]
Taken from genpy.message._get_message_or_service_class

Utility for retrieving message/service class instances. Used by
get_message_class and get_service_class.
:param type_str: 'msg' or 'srv', ``str``
:param message_type: type name of message/service, ``str``
:returns: Message/Service  for message/service type or None, ``class``
:raises: :exc:`ValueError` If message_type is invalidly specified

Definition at line 97 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction._list_resources (   path,
  rfilter = os.path.isfile 
) [private]
List resources in a package directory within a particular
subdirectory. This is useful for listing messages, services, etc...
:param rfilter: resource filter function that returns true if filename is
the desired resource type, ``fn(filename)->bool``

Definition at line 253 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction._list_types (   path,
) [private]
List all messages in the specified package
:param package str: name of package to search
:param include_depends bool: if True, will also list messages in package
:returns [str]: message type names

Definition at line 268 of file

def rqt_py_common::rosaction::_msg_filter (   ext) [private]

Definition at line 243 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction._stdin_arg (   parser,
) [private]

Definition at line 729 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.construct_ordered_mapping (   self,
  deep = False 

Definition at line 372 of file

Definition at line 388 of file

returns a function to use as filter that returns all objects slots except those with names in list.

Definition at line 543 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.get_action_class (   action_type,
  reload_on_error = False 
Taken from roslib.message.get_action_class

Definition at line 209 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.get_array_type_instance (   field_type,
  default_package = None 

end recipe for ordered yaml output ######

returns a single instance of field_type, where field_type can be a
message or ros primitive or an flexible size array.

Definition at line 420 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.get_message_class_genpy (   message_type,
  reload_on_error = False 
Taken from genpy.message.get_message_class

Get the message class. NOTE: this function maintains a
local cache of results to improve performance.
:param message_type: type name of message, ``str``
:param reload_on_error: (optional). Attempt to reload the Python
  module if unable to load message the first time. Defaults to
  False. This is necessary if messages are built after the first load.
:returns: Message class for message/service type, ``Message class``
:raises :exc:`ValueError`: if  message_type is invalidly specified

Definition at line 133 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.get_msg_text (   type_,
  raw = False,
  rospack = None 
Get .msg file for type_ as text
:param type_: message type, ``str``
:param raw: if True, include comments and whitespace (default False), ``bool``
:returns: text of .msg file, ``str``
:raises :exc:`ROSActionException` If type_ is unknown

Definition at line 683 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.get_yaml_for_msg (   msg,
  prefix = '',
  time_offset = None,
  current_time = None,
  field_filter = None,
  flow_style_ = None,
  fill_arrays_ = False 
Builds a YAML string of message.
@param msg: A object, dict or array
@param flow_style_: if True, produces one line with brackets, if false uses multiple lines with indentation, if None uses both using heuristics
@param prefix: prefixes all lines with this string
@param fill_arrays_: if True, for all flexible size arrays an element will be generated
@param current_time: currently not used. Only provided for API compatibility. current_time passes in the current time with respect to the message.
@type  current_time: Time
@param field_filter: filter the fields that are strified for Messages.
@type  field_filter: fn(Message)->iter(str)
@type  flow_style_: bool
@return: a string

Definition at line 457 of file

Definition at line 550 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.iterate_packages (   rospack,
Iterator for packages that contain actions
:param mode: .action, ``str``

Definition at line 227 of file

List actions contained in package
:param package: package name, ``str``
:returns: list of actions in package, ``[str]``

Definition at line 307 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.list_types (   package,
  mode = MODE_ACTION 
Lists msg/srvs contained in package
:param package: package name, ``str``
:param mode: MODE_ACTION. Defaults to msgs, ``str``
:returns: list of msgs/srv in package, ``[str]``

Definition at line 285 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.represent_ordered_mapping (   self,
  flow_style = None 

Definition at line 394 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.rosaction_cmd_list (   mode,
  argv = None 

Definition at line 80 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.rosaction_cmd_md5 (   mode,

Definition at line 791 of file

Definition at line 813 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.rosaction_cmd_packages (   mode,
  argv = None 

Definition at line 824 of file

Definition at line 561 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.rosaction_cmd_show (   mode,

Definition at line 742 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.rosaction_debug (   rospack,
  raw = False 
Prints contents of msg/srv file
:param mode: MODE_ACTION or MODE_SRV, ``str``

Definition at line 840 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.rosaction_md5 (   mode,

Definition at line 778 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.rosaction_search (   rospack,
Iterator for all packages that contain a message matching base_type

:param base_type: message base type to match, e.g. 'String' would match std_msgs/String, ``str``

Definition at line 719 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.rosactionmain (   mode = MODE_ACTION)
Main entry point for command-line tools (rosaction).

rosaction can interact with either ros messages or ros services. The mode
param indicates which
:param mode: MODE_ACTION or MODE_SRV, ``str``

Definition at line 316 of file

def rqt_py_common.rosaction.spec_to_str (   action_context,
  buff = None,
  indent = '' 
Convert spec into a string representation. Helper routine for MsgSpec.
:param indent: internal use only, ``str``
:param buff: internal use only, ``StringIO``
:returns: string representation of spec, ``str``

Definition at line 664 of file

Variable Documentation

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