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rqt_py_common.rqt_roscomm_util.RqtRoscommUtil Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

def is_roscore_running
def iterate_packages
def list_files
def load_parameters

Static Private Member Functions

def _list_resources
def _list_types
def _msg_filter

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def rqt_py_common.rqt_roscomm_util.RqtRoscommUtil._list_resources (   path,
  rfilter = os.path.isfile 
) [static, private]
Taken from rosmsg._list_resources

List resources in a package directory within a particular
subdirectory. This is useful for listing messages, services, etc...
:param rfilter: resource filter function that returns true if filename
        is the desired resource type, ``fn(filename)->bool``

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def rqt_py_common.rqt_roscomm_util.RqtRoscommUtil._list_types (   path,
) [static, private]
Taken from rosmsg

List all messages in the specified package
:param package str: name of package to search
:param include_depends bool: if True, will also list messages in
                     package dependencies.
:returns [str]: message type names

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Taken from rosmsg._msg_filter

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@rtype: bool

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Iterator for packages that contain the given subdir.

This method is generalizing rosmsg.iterate_packages.

@param subdir: eg. 'launch', 'msg', 'srv', 'action'
@type subdir: str
@raise ValueError:

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def rqt_py_common.rqt_roscomm_util.RqtRoscommUtil.list_files (   package,
  file_extension = '.launch' 
) [static]
#TODO: Come up with better name of the method.

Taken from rosmsg.
Lists files contained in the specified package

@param package: package name, ``str``
@param file_extension: Defaults to '.launch', ``str``
:returns: list of msgs/srv in package, ``[str]``

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def rqt_py_common.rqt_roscomm_util.RqtRoscommUtil.load_parameters (   config,
) [static]
Load parameters onto the parameter server.

Copied from ROSLaunchRunner.

@type config: roslaunch.config.ROSLaunchConfig
@raise RLException:

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