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rqt_py_common.plugin_container_widget.PluginContainerWidget Class Reference
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def __init__
def restore_settings
def save_settings
def set_sysmsg
def set_sysprogress
def shutdown

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Detailed Description

This widget accommodates a plugin widget that needs an area to show system
message. A plugin widget is the pane that provides plugin's main
functionalities. PluginContainerWidget visually encapsulates a plugin

In order to print msg in the msg pane provided by this class, plugin widget
MUST define and emit following signals:

- sig_sysmsg
- sig_progress

Having said that this architecture is based on signals, it is recommended
that exceptions raised in classes that are used in a plugin widget be
aggregated in it, so that only plugin widget is responsible for emitting

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rqt_py_common.plugin_container_widget.PluginContainerWidget.__init__ (   self,
  on_sys_msg = True,
  on_sysprogress_bar = True 
@param plugin_widget: The main widget of an rqt plugin.
@type plugin_widget: QWidget
@type on_sys_msg: bool
@param on_sys_msg: If True, a pane that accommodates str messages will
           appear in the plugin's region.
@param on_sysprogress_bar: If True, a progress bar will appear in the
                   plugin's region.

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_py_common.plugin_container_widget.PluginContainerWidget.restore_settings (   self,

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def rqt_py_common.plugin_container_widget.PluginContainerWidget.save_settings (   self,

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Set system msg that's supposed to be shown in sys msg pane.
@type sysmsg: str

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Member Data Documentation

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