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rqt_console.filters.list_filter_widget.ListFilterWidget Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def handle_item_changed
def repopulate
def restore_settings
def save_settings
def select_item

Private Member Functions

def _add_item

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Detailed Description

Generic List widget to be used when implementing filters that require
limited dynamic selections

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rqt_console.filters.list_filter_widget.ListFilterWidget.__init__ (   self,
:param parentfilter: The filter object, must implement set_list and
contain _list ''QObject''
:param item_provider: a function designed to provide a list or dict

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Member Function Documentation

Insert item in alphabetical order.

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Repopulates the display widgets based on the function arguments passed
in during initialization

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Restores the settings for this filter from an ini file.
:param settings: used to extract the settings from an ini file ''qt_gui.settings.Settings''

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Saves the settings for this filter.
:param settings: used to write the settings to an ini file ''qt_gui.settings.Settings''

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All items matching text will be selected in the list_widget
:param item: a string to be matched against the list ''str''

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Member Data Documentation

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