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substitution_args Namespace Reference


class  ArgException
class  SubstitutionException


def _arg
def _collect_args
def _resolve_args
def _sanitize_path
def _separate_first_path
def _split_command
def resolve_args


int _DOLLAR = 1
int _IN = 3
int _LP = 2
int _OUT = 0

Function Documentation

def substitution_args._arg (   resolved,
) [private]
process $(arg) arg

:returns: updated resolved argument, ``str``
:raises: :exc:`ArgException` If arg invalidly specified

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def substitution_args._collect_args (   arg_str) [private]
State-machine parser for resolve_args. Substitution args are of the form:
$(find package_name)/scripts/ $(export some/attribute blar) non-relevant stuff

@param arg_str: argument string to parse args from
@type  arg_str: str
@raise SubstitutionException: if args are invalidly specified
@return: list of arguments
@rtype: [str]

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def substitution_args._resolve_args (   arg_str,
) [private]

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def substitution_args._sanitize_path (   path) [private]

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def substitution_args._separate_first_path (   value) [private]

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def substitution_args._split_command (   resolved,
) [private]

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def substitution_args.resolve_args (   arg_str,
  context = None,
  resolve_anon = True 
Resolves substitution args (see wiki spec U{}).

@param arg_str: string to resolve zero or more substitution args
    in. arg_str may be None, in which case resolve_args will
    return None
@type  arg_str: str
@param context dict: (optional) dictionary for storing results of
    the 'anon' and 'arg' substitution args. multiple calls to
    resolve_args should use the same context so that 'anon'
    substitions resolve consistently. If no context is provided, a
    new one will be created for each call. Values for the 'arg'
    context should be stored as a dictionary in the 'arg' key.
@type  context: dict
@param resolve_anon bool: If True (default), will resolve $(anon
    foo). If false, will leave these args as-is.
@type  resolve_anon: bool

@return str: arg_str with substitution args resolved
@rtype:  str
@raise SubstitutionException: if there is an error resolving substitution args

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