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xbee.base.XBeeBase Class Reference
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def __getattr__
def __init__
def halt
def run
def send
def wait_read_frame

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def _build_command
def _parse_samples
def _parse_samples_header
def _split_response
def _wait_for_frame
def _write

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class providing command generation and response
parsing methods for XBee modules.

Constructor arguments:
    ser:    The file-like serial port to use.

    shorthand: boolean flag which determines whether shorthand command 
               calls (i.e. instead of xbee.send("at",...) 
               are allowed.

    callback: function which should be called with frame data
              whenever a frame arrives from the serial port.
              When this is not None, a background thread to monitor
              the port and call the given function is automatically

    escaped: boolean flag which determines whether the library should
             operate in escaped mode. In this mode, certain data bytes
             in the output and input streams will be escaped and unescaped
             in accordance with the XBee API. This setting must match
             the appropriate api_mode setting of an XBee device; see your
             XBee device's documentation for more information.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def xbee.base.XBeeBase.__init__ (   self,
  shorthand = True,
  callback = None,
  escaped = False 

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Member Function Documentation

def xbee.base.XBeeBase.__getattr__ (   self,
If a method by the name of a valid api command is called,
the arguments will be automatically sent to an appropriate
send() call

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def xbee.base.XBeeBase._build_command (   self,
) [private]
_build_command: string (binary data) ... -> binary data

_build_command will construct a command packet according to the
specified command's specification in api_commands. It will expect
named arguments for all fields other than those with a default 
value or a length of 'None'.

Each field will be written out in the order they are defined
in the command definition.

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def xbee.base.XBeeBase._parse_samples (   self,
) [private]
_parse_samples: binary data in XBee IO data format ->
        [ {"dio-0":True,
           "adc-0":100"}, ...]
_parse_samples reads binary data from an XBee device in the IO
data format specified by the API. It will then return a 
dictionary indicating the status of each enabled IO port.

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def xbee.base.XBeeBase._parse_samples_header (   self,
) [private]
_parse_samples_header: binary data in XBee IO data format ->
        (int, [int ...], [int ...], int, int)
_parse_samples_header will read the first three bytes of the 
binary data given and will return the number of samples which
follow, a list of enabled digital inputs, a list of enabled
analog inputs, the dio_mask, and the size of the header in bytes

Reimplemented in xbee.zigbee.ZigBee.

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def xbee.base.XBeeBase._split_response (   self,
) [private]
_split_response: binary data -> {'id':str,
                         'param':binary data,
_split_response takes a data packet received from an XBee device
and converts it into a dictionary. This dictionary provides
names for each segment of binary data as specified in the 
api_responses spec.

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def xbee.base.XBeeBase._wait_for_frame (   self) [private]
_wait_for_frame: None -> binary data

_wait_for_frame will read from the serial port until a valid
API frame arrives. It will then return the binary data
contained within the frame.

If this method is called as a separate thread
and self.thread_continue is set to False, the thread will
exit by raising a ThreadQuitException.

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def xbee.base.XBeeBase._write (   self,
) [private]
_write: binary data -> None

Packages the given binary data in an API frame and writes the 
result to the serial port

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def xbee.base.XBeeBase.halt (   self)
halt: None -> None

If this instance has a separate thread running, it will be
halted. This method will wait until the thread has cleaned
up before returning.

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def (   self)
run: None -> None

This method overrides and is automatically
called when an instance is created with threading enabled.

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def xbee.base.XBeeBase.send (   self,
send: string param=binary data ... -> None

When send is called with the proper arguments, an API command
will be written to the serial port for this XBee device
containing the proper instructions and data.

This method must be called with named arguments in accordance
with the api_command specification. Arguments matching all 
field names other than those in reserved_names (like 'id' and
'order') should be given, unless they are of variable length 
(of 'None' in the specification. Those are optional).

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wait_read_frame: None -> frame info dictionary

wait_read_frame calls XBee._wait_for_frame() and waits until a
valid frame appears on the serial port. Once it receives a frame,
wait_read_frame attempts to parse the data contained within it
and returns the resulting dictionary

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Member Data Documentation

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