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ethercat_device.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <ros_ethercat_eml/ethercat_defs.h>
#include <ros_ethercat_eml/ethercat_slave_handler.h>
#include <ros_ethercat_eml/ethercat_device_addressed_telegram.h>
#include <ros_ethercat_eml/ethercat_logical_addressed_telegram.h>
#include <ros_ethercat_eml/ethercat_frame.h>
#include <hardware_interface/hardware_interface.h>
#include <diagnostic_updater/DiagnosticStatusWrapper.h>
#include <diagnostic_msgs/DiagnosticArray.h>
#include <ros_ethercat_hardware/ethercat_com.h>
#include <pluginlib/class_list_macros.h>
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struct  et1x00_dl_status
struct  et1x00_error_counters
class  EthercatDevice
struct  EthercatDeviceDiagnostics
struct  EthercatPortDiagnostics


struct et1x00_error_counters __attribute__ ((__packed__))
bool hasCommunication (unsigned port)
bool hasLink (unsigned port)
bool isClosed (unsigned port)
bool isGreaterThan (unsigned value) const
bool isGreaterThan (const et1x00_error_counters &value) const
void zero ()


struct EthercatPortDiagnostics __attribute__
static const uint16_t BASE_ADDR = 0x300
uint8_t epu_error
uint8_t forwarded_rx_error [4]
uint8_t invalid_frame
uint8_t lost_link [4]
uint8_t pdi_error
uint8_t res [2]
uint8_t rx_error
uint16_t status

Function Documentation

struct et1x00_error_counters __attribute__ ( (__packed__)  )
bool __attribute__::hasCommunication ( unsigned  port)
bool __attribute__::hasLink ( unsigned  port)
bool __attribute__::isClosed ( unsigned  port)
bool __attribute__::isGreaterThan ( unsigned  value) const
bool __attribute__::isGreaterThan ( const et1x00_error_counters value) const

Variable Documentation

static const uint16_t BASE_ADDR = 0x300 [static]

Definition at line 87 of file ethercat_device.h.

uint8_t epu_error

Definition at line 83 of file ethercat_device.h.

uint8_t forwarded_rx_error[4]

Definition at line 82 of file ethercat_device.h.

uint8_t invalid_frame

Definition at line 66 of file ethercat_device.h.

uint8_t lost_link[4]

Definition at line 86 of file ethercat_device.h.

uint8_t pdi_error

Definition at line 84 of file ethercat_device.h.

uint8_t res[2]

Definition at line 85 of file ethercat_device.h.

uint8_t rx_error

Definition at line 67 of file ethercat_device.h.

uint16_t status

Definition at line 85 of file ethercat_device.h.

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