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rs_general::rs_general Namespace Reference


def get_camera_params_and_values
def is_log_contains_keyword
def parse_camera_type
def shell_cmd_timeout


tuple BASE_LOG_DIR = (os.path.expanduser('~/.ros/log/'))
tuple LOG_FOLDER = os.listdir(BASE_LOG_DIR)

Function Documentation

parse args to get all the camera parameters and paired values
   the args transferred from .test file, should remove 4 elements
   in args: start 1 - script name;
            last 3 - '--gtest_output', '--name', '_log';
@fn parse_camera_type
@param args: all the arguments
@return param_dict: dictionary of camera params

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def rs_general.rs_general.is_log_contains_keyword (   log_file,
check if the keyword contains in log

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parse args to get camera type
@fn parse_camera_type
@param args: all the arguments
@return camera_type

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def rs_general.rs_general.shell_cmd_timeout (   cmd,
  timeout = 0 
Execute shell command till timeout

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Variable Documentation

tuple rs_general::rs_general::BASE_LOG_DIR = (os.path.expanduser('~/.ros/log/'))

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