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GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFeatureBagger Class Reference

Class use to bag features. More...

#include <Persistence.h>

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class  const_iterator

Public Member Functions

virtual const CFeatureBagat (size_t uiIndex) const
size_t Bag (INodeMap *pNodeMap, bool handleDefaultNodeMap=true, bool handleUserSets=false, bool handleSequencerSets=false, const int MaxNumPersistSkriptEntries=-1)
 Stores the streamable nodes to this feature bags in different device configurations.
virtual const_iterator begin (void) const
 CFeatureBagger ()
virtual const_iterator end (void) const
virtual void SetInfo (const GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring &Info)
 sets information about the node map
virtual size_t size (void) const
bool UnBag (INodeMap *pNodeMap, bool Verify=true, GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring_vector *pErrorList=NULL)
 Loads the features from the bag to the node tree.
virtual ~CFeatureBagger ()

Private Member Functions

CFeatureBagAddBag (const GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring &bagName)
void DeleteAllBags (void)
template<class _Ty >
void UnBagCustomAction (INodeMap *pNodeMap, _Ty setNodePtr, const GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring &setNodeValue, CCommandPtr saveNodePtr)

Private Attributes

GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring m_Info
 String describing the node map.
void * m_pBags


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const CFeatureBagger &featureBagger)
 puts the bags into a stream
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &is, CFeatureBagger &featureBagger)
 reads the bags from a stream

Detailed Description

Class use to bag features.

Definition at line 221 of file Persistence.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

virtual const CFeatureBag& GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFeatureBagger::at ( size_t  uiIndex) const [virtual]
size_t GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFeatureBagger::Bag ( INodeMap *  pNodeMap,
bool  handleDefaultNodeMap = true,
bool  handleUserSets = false,
bool  handleSequencerSets = false,
const int  MaxNumPersistSkriptEntries = -1 

Stores the streamable nodes to this feature bags in different device configurations.

handleDefaultNodeMapStores the current nodemap if True
handleUserSetsStore all user sets if True
handleSequencerSetsStore all sequencer sets if True
pNodeMapThe node map to persist
MaxNumPersistSkriptEntriesThe max number of entries in the container. -1 means unlimited
number of bags
virtual const_iterator GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFeatureBagger::begin ( void  ) const [virtual]
virtual const_iterator GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFeatureBagger::end ( void  ) const [virtual]

sets information about the node map

virtual size_t GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFeatureBagger::size ( void  ) const [virtual]
bool GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFeatureBagger::UnBag ( INodeMap *  pNodeMap,
bool  Verify = true,
GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring_vector *  pErrorList = NULL 

Loads the features from the bag to the node tree.

VerifyIf true, all streamable features are read back
pErrorListIf an error occurs during loading the error message is stored in the list and the loading continues

For Verify=true the list of names in the feature bag is replayed again. If a node is a selector it's value is set to the value from the feature bag If not the value is read from the camera and compared with the value from the feature bag.

template<class _Ty >
void GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFeatureBagger::UnBagCustomAction ( INodeMap *  pNodeMap,
_Ty  setNodePtr,
const GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring setNodeValue,
CCommandPtr  saveNodePtr 
) [private]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const CFeatureBagger featureBagger 
) [friend]

puts the bags into a stream

Definition at line 301 of file Persistence.h.

std::istream& operator>> ( std::istream &  is,
CFeatureBagger featureBagger 
) [friend]

reads the bags from a stream

Definition at line 323 of file Persistence.h.

Member Data Documentation

String describing the node map.

Definition at line 294 of file Persistence.h.

Definition at line 292 of file Persistence.h.

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